ASNP relies on donations to this much needed cause.

We wouldn’t be able to continue our work without the support of people like you – whether it’s a one-off gift, a regular donation or even fundraising through your own event.

One of ASNP’s greatest challenges is securing stable income that safeguards the future of the centre.

If you or a loved one want your money to have an ongoing impact after you have gone, consider making a gift to ASNP in your will. Please get in touch with us if you would like to add Adur Special Needs Project as a beneficiary.


ASNP understands the importance of charities and businesses working together to benefit the local community.

There are lots of ways companies can partner with ASNP to help improve the lives of young people with special needs and their families:

  • Raising money at sponsored events
  • Salary sacrifice schemes
  • Making a one-off or regular donation
  • Sharing business & fundraising acumen as a Trustee
  • Sponsor a play scheme place

Download our Business Sponsor Information Pack to find out more, or get in touch if there’s another way you’d like to get involved with our work.


Sponsors & Funders

Here are some of our wonderful and generous Sponsors and Funders over the recent years:

Orange lodge

Need a Helping Hand?

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For the care, recreation and education of children and young people who have special needs. Registered Charity No. 1088423.

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